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It’s been a while since I’ve made one of this blog post but I’ve decided it was time to give the Quarter Goals another try.

This time I have more categories to be aware of and get better in. It won’t be easy but I know I have to do this. I feel it’s even necessary for me to be happier in life.


A little over 35 days ago I started to use My Fitness Pal and portion control to try to lose weight. I’m 20 kilos over my optimal weight so I want to go down as much as I can in a way that will be sustainable for me.

I live with my parents and even though we eat homemade food almost every day, it’s not exactly the diet that anyone would follow to lose weight. My dad cooks and when he does I can’t say “I won’t eat your food” to him. So that’s why I started to control my portions at lunch and dinner.

My targets for this quarter are:

  • Keep using portion control.
  • Keep a record on MyFitnessPal of anything that goes into my mouth.
  • Don’t skip snacks or beverages.
  • Make healthy snacks instead of a piece of bread.
  • Exercise 4 days a week minimum.

In a little over 35 days, with almost no exercise, I’ve lost: 1.8 kgs; 2 cm of my waist; 2 cm of my hips; and 1 cm of my neck.


I started my first year in Accountancy in 2006. I’ve an extension now to finish my degree because I went over the 10 years my University gives to finish. That’s the reason why I have to do it, this year.

During the month of July I’ll have 3 final exams that I need to focus onto. After that, the next set of finals will be in December.

My objectives in this category are actually only one: Approve all 3 of those exams.

  • Metodología de la Investigación (Investigation Methodology)
  • Matemática Financiera III (Financial Mathematics)
  • Diseño de Sistemas Contables (Accounting System Design)


Since July month is #OneBookJuly2017 I’m using a notebook to write down any story idea or information that pertains to my work in progress. The idea behind the paper and pen concept is that I can take it with me and use it without worry.

  • Don’t doubt. Use the damn notebook!
  • Write down at least 2 new ideas on paper every month.
  • Stop second guessing and write that short story that I want to write.
  • Keep working on my Work In Progress (outline it better if possible)

I’m usually doubting myself when it comes to my writing. That’s the reason why I don’t make much progress. I want to make progress.


Working on the blog, not only posting, it’s been on my mind for months. I want to re-name the blog and make it self-hosted, and that’s driving me nuts. I keep waiting for the perfect moments to make the changes but there is never a perfect time.

Since I have this grand ideas for the blog. I think it’s appropriate to work towards that.

  • Publish a different blog post every week, in addition to the book reviews.
  • Work on the new name for the blog.
  • Look at hosting sites (read the fine print)
  • Make a logo and new header with the new name.
  • Revise my book review scheme to improve it.
  • Batch my blog post if possible.


This is my most neglected platform so far. That’s why I want to make something to change that, starting small because I have a problem with my face and the camera.

  • Publish one video a week.
  • Think about the book review channel idea (should I make it only audio or make casual book review videos?)
  • Look for 5 new video ideas every month.
  • Batch the videos if possible (this will be hard but it’s doable)

I’ve been toying with the idea of recording myself reviewing a book only on audio and making a channel about it. According to my friends, they love my audio messages on Whatsapp talking about books.

Do you have any goals for July? What are they?

What do you think? ShoulD I make a channel with book reviews on audio or casual videos?

Comment down bellow so we can start a conversation.