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Did you ever went to read a review on Goodreads about a book you just read or that you are excited to read and found a tone of bad ratings that to you don’t make sense at all?

I have this happen to me a couple of times, so I stopped going to Goodreads for the star reviews before picking a book to read. My main attraction is the author or the synopsis. That’s how I have a huge collection in my TBR pile, of books to read that at some point I wanted to read so badly but now I haven’t even started yet.

I digress. My point is that when you see a bad review or a 2 star review on a book you just finished and loved, you feel offended in the author’s name or something, but you feel offended alright. Why is that? Everyone has the right to like or dislike something. Not everyone thinks the same or like the same things, right? So, again, why do we feel offended?


It’s true that when we read a book and find a heck of a lot of grammar misspellings or punctuation mistakes or even inconsistencies, we get discourage and let the book without finishing it, most of the time.

Also is true that we heard a lot of things like:

  • “It just didn’t click for me, you know?”
  • “I didn’t relate to the characters at all.”
  • “It was unrealistic.”

And I can go on but it’s mostly the same things with different words. If we are not considering the comments that have to do with grammar, punctuation or inconsistencies, of course.

Those comments above are direct reactions about the feelings or emotions the book evoke or failed to evoke in us while we were reading it.


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In my personal experience, if I force myself to finish a book, it doesn’t deserve to be rated on Goodreads or even commented anywhere else but my journal where I jot down what I’ve read and when.

You won’t find in my Blog, so far, reviews that are 2 star ratings because I firmly believe and I know, I rate from feelings that the book made me feel during the time I was immerse in its pages. It doesn’t feel right to me to make a review in that case unless it has something really positive to be taken from the review.

I’m a writer. I know how hard it is to write a book, to stick to it, to try to finish it. I appreciate the work that goes into the craft of writing a book and I respect authors for it, so unless I have some good feedback to give, I’m not doing a review of the book. In the other hand, if I can give the author or any of you reading a review of mine, some points to make the book better, I will do it in a respectful way.

So next time you read a book and don’t like it, think of a respectful way to let that know. If you are going to leave a review on Goodreads or another platform, try to give your opinion on how the book could have been better. As a writer, I can see the value in feedback like that.

Do you leave emotional reviews or more thought out ones?

If you have any recommendations for me to read or review, please let me know in the comments below.