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It’s that time again. Three months are already gone by and revising the Goals for the previous quarter is the order of business, today.

Like you can appreciate by the picture here, the amount of X’s (didn’t accomplished goals) that I did a terrible job.

For me it wasn’t a total lost because I did one of the most important things: I went to the doctor. I still have other tests to do, but my blood work was clean and I’m happy for it.

I kept my space more clean than usual, especially during June and even got rid of some old clothing that I wasn’t even using anymore. Now, I catch myself looking at some of my clothes that I love to wear and thinking that it’s time to retire them and use some of the others. Before, I would never thought of getting rid of my more comfy things.

My blog post writing, twice a week, went well for 2 months. In June I was a mess and I’m still am, judging by the time of this blog post being published, but I’m trying to be better. I realize not a week ago that this happen at the end of the last quarter too, I was doing well and then… I don’t know what it’s triggering this but I will find a way to deal with it.

About the Journaling… *sigh* I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to keep it up *sigh again* Well, I do… I’m scared to “mess up” my journal in some way and when I have those days that I need just to write for a long time to get things out of my head, I held back because my Journal it’s not the place… *frown at herself* If my journal it’s not the place, then where should I do it?

After a few days of thinking and re-thinking my possible Goals for this Third Quarter of the year; trying to figure out a project for #OneBookJuly2016; pondering if I should do July Camp-Nanowrimo; polishing an idea for July Every Day Journaling; and listening to the audiobook of The Success Principles by Jack Canfield… I manage to set a few things in stone, the most important one being that I won’t be setting Quarterly Goals this time, I will be doing Monthly Goals, starting now.

JULY 2016

1. I have to ACE my 3 finals this month

Systems (July 8th), Math (July 20th) and Methodology (July 29th).

To do this I have to:

  • Prioritize this; with NO valid excuses for procrastinate about it.
  • Make sure I’m prepare mentally with affirmations about that day.
    “I’m prepared, I’m ready, and I’ve study for this day. I know this subject. I will do my best and nothing less. I will ACE this test, no matter what. I CAN DO IT.”
  • Study 3 units of Systems a day.
  • If necessary, ask my mother to help me memorize some of the longer parts.
  • Study 1 subject of Math a day until the Final.
  • Make sure that I understand why I’m doing the exercises the way I’m doing them.
  • Use the test my brother has to test myself before the final.
  • Study 1 unit of Methodology a day (there are only 4)
  • Learn the questionnaire that I have for this test.
  • Test my ability for the final.
  • Make sure I have everything ready for the day of the exam, clothes included.

2. Journal Every Day in July

This project will be for the #OneBookJuly2016 Challenge. I was going to pick ACE my finals as a project but I think this will be a little better for me.

I don’t have problems with my planning system because right now I’m at home most of the time or at University, studying. There is no much to plan except my study time that actually never gets organized but with the previous item on this list it will be.

I want to keep a journal in which I can write every day. I always have thought in my head running around, or things that I need to put down in paper to make sense of and stop reacting to them without thinking. Like wanting to buy more ink for my fountain pens when I still have enough to go around a month or two; or wanting to buy new notebook to write in, when I have a fair amount that I’m not even using yet. Other things are more profound, like the reason why it’s taking me so long to finish University; or what I will do when it’s finally over.

For the past few day of the week I’ve been looking at almost every piece of paper that I have at hand in my home to use as a journal, even old dated planners just to use them and not having them taking space on shelves or storage somewhere for the rest of my live.

Today I will pick one and I will start using it. Just I’ve picked an old traveler’s journal insert and started to jot down information of the audiobook I’m listening lately. I just need to pick a journal or medium to journal (loose leaf paper if necessary) and do it.

3. Read/Listen at least 2 Books this month that will make me a better person or enhance me in some way.

This is a personal goal for the month and its here because of The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.

I’ve been listening to the audio-recording of this book while I iron the clothes at night and I’m almost done with it. Only one hour to go, but the important fact is that I’ve taken so many notes… I’m even surprise myself that I did. There are other audiobooks that I have on hold from this author, from Tony Robbins, from John Green, etc.

My next one, or at least the one I want to hear after this it’s “You’re a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” by Jen Sincero. I’ve listen to 10 minutes of this audio before and I stop saying to my brother that I needed to have a pen and paper at hand because it was full of stuff I needed to jot down.

The idea is that I stop wasting time on Youtube, watching video after video after video instead of studying, writing or listening to something that could have the potential to make me a better person or enhance my abilities at something that I love to do, like writing. For example: On Writing by Stephen King it’s an audio I’ve started and never finished for the same reason that the one from Jen Sincero.

4. Write Every Day in July

I know I’ve already said I would be Journaling every day. That’s not writing? Some of you may ask. The answer is: Yes, but… not the type of writing I’m going to talk about now.

You should know by now, and if you don’t you will, that I’m a writer. I have more plot bunnies in my head than hair some days and they drive me insane. What’s my problem? I can’t finish a project for the life of me. This is my solution for say problem.

When I was attending regular classes at University a few years back, I used to bring along a regular squared notebook of almost 100 pages. By the middle of the morning I would have that book out on my desk, trying to hide it from the teacher speaking in front of the class and I would be writing to my heart content about stories or posts for the forums that I was participating at the time.

Recently I realized that even when the computer it’s an amazingly easy to use tool for writing, you can have apps on your phone or tablet to write that would sync almost instantly to the stuff you did at home and so on… Writing in paper its how I’m most productive with my stories.

So I’ve picked up a square 100 pages notebook again and I will be writing in it every day for the Month of July. Add to that the fact that I may be doing Camp-Nanowrimo without being on the website officially at this particular moment for the finals.

No matter what story I decided to write. No matter if it is a scene for a brand new idea or an old one that I won’t be pursuing any time soon. That notebook will be my Writing Notebook for July and I expect to fill it up and need another by the end of the month.


Are you doing Quarterly Goals? If so, let me know in the comments below where I can check on you and I will be there, chearing you on and poking to make sure you try to keep on track this time around.

Are you doing Monthly Goals? Again, if so, where I can check on you?

If you preffer, let me know in the comments below your TOP 3 or TOP 5 Goals that you want to accomplish in July or this Quarter. No matter how big or small, a goal it’s always important 🙂