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I’m behind on my reading and working with this challenge but I’m still going at it. At a much slower pace but I’m still going.

My finals at university start on July 8th and I’m freaking out already, a little less than a month before it actually happens. If you can understand my situation, I’ll apreciate it, because in all honesty I just can’t. My brain just refuse to learn and read and only want to to mindless things to keep the stress levels down, but because of not doing what I’m suppost to do, I’m even more stress later.

This is my update for the chapters I’ve read so far since last time. It’s not much, but I already stated why… Enjoy 🙂

Day 24 ~ Happiness

A writer writes for many different reasons, and with different emotions. One of those is happiness and we should try to stay in a state where we feel happy about what we do, who we are, where we are, etc. It’s not easy but it’s possible.

Doing the list of things that make me happy for todays exercise was not easy. I had to think about stuff a lot until I decided to list even the silliest of things, like the fact that I have my own money to buy coca-cola without my parents knowing. Yes, I’m almost 30 and doing such things, deal with it 😛

Day 25 ~ Making It

This chapter begins and a question jumps at me from the page: What are the odds of making it as a writer?

This question was in my brain since I was a teenager and my parents told me that I would starve to death if I wanted to teach and be a writer. This was also the time I started accountancy at university, and to this particular day haven’t finish the career.

I have no words to express how many of Julia’s words in this part of her book got a bullseye for me, sort of speaking. There was so many of the teachings that resonate with me that after reading it, I was left with a feeling of lightness, because someone gets it.

The next two quotes from the book describe my feelings and fears about writing… well, actually from all of us that put pen to paper and write.

If you keep writing, you’ll publish. If you keep focusing on publishing, you may not write ~ Julia Cameron

The previous quote, as the next, represent my fears about writing. Also the fears of writers in general, I guess…

If one of us cares enough to write something, someone else will care enough to read it ~ Julia Cameron

Day 26 ~ Honesty

Part of the reason people have writer’s block is because they don’t want to know what they know, so they steer clear of the page and the clarity that it affords us ~ Julia Cameron

If there is something I’ve learned to appreciate in the novels I read, is when an author is honest, full-blown, in the story. When the truth is told as it is, no matter how hard it may seem to the readers eyes, the good and the bad are just there, staring at you on the page and you can pretend you didn’t see them, but your brain knows better.

M.K. Eidem, at this particular moment in time, as I’m doing this challenge, has become one of those authors to me. She writes about sci-fi romance but you will not believe the amount of things from every day life, that we humans take for granted, that she shows in her books. The little things, like what a kiss may represent to someone who have never been kissed in kindness or with love before; that gratefulness for opening door or for doing something that it’s the other persons job and we just assumed it will always be done.

I love honesty in books, in fact, lately when I spot a novel with plain honesty in it, it shock me because not many people are willing to risk it. Also, have you ever notice that when a reading or writing seem forced we stop reading? Most of the time it happens to me, and according to Julia, it’s because the author is holding something back, it’s not being open with us for some reason and it shows.

Day 27 ~ Vulnerability

A lot for what frightens people about writing is this precise idea that once we put something on the page we are rendered vulnerable ~ Julia Cameron

Sadly it’s true. I can say for personal experience that I have wanted to keep a journal since I was way younger and I actually did for sometime. Why did I stopped? Because my mother found it, read it and confronted me with it. Since that day I’ve been afraid of writing down anything too personal or that my mother may find it if I do.

Currently I’m struggling, for the second year in a row, with keeping a daily journal and I’m failing miserably. I won’t give up but it’s very hard to fight against that fear of being criticized or something because of my writing.

Obviously, I see that this fear of mine has not stay only with the journal portion of my writing but also attached itself to my novel-writing. We are vulnerable, writers that is, because we usually put our hearts and souls into our stories and then someone tear it down and… that’s so hard to accept or even to see. And that was only one way of being vulnerable for us.

Day 28 ~ Dailiness

Here is where I am and how I feel. (Observation and honesty.) Here is what I can do with that. (Imagination.) In other words, daily writing is both the room you are living in and the doorway to the world just beyond ~ Julia Cameron

What today exercise remind me of the Bullet Journal, but not in the planner way, but in the diary way. What I’m trying to say is that you list what you did during the day before going to bed, like a review of your daily activities. I’ve notice I already do some of this review in my own planner, jotting down important things or those that I want to remember. It makes me feel sane but I still have this feeling that it’s not enough, so doing this exercise I hope things get better.

Day 29 ~ Voice

If you concentrate on what you are saying, the how will take care of itself ~ Julia Cameron

Who hasn’t heard of the “writer’s voice” when someone is talking about an author and how they can recognize the writing because of his or her “voice”. After reading this chapter I don’t know if that concept, or the way we use it, is the correct one.

Julia said that we need to write constantly to develop our own voice, but we need to let go of control when we write or we would never find it. Why? I believe that is because we are the medium for a story to be born and told, so is the story, the characters voices that we put into paper, not our own, not really.

Write for your ideal reader, the one who will get everything you say ~ Arthur Kretchmer

Again, she talks about our fear of what other people would say. Maybe what we write is so hard that we think others won’t want to read it, but there is always a reader for a story. No matter what we think.

The Right to Write Project comes from the book with the same name by Julia Cameron.


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