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The Right to Write Project comes from the book with the same name by Julia Cameron.


Here you have a few links to websites where you can get this book if you’re interested.

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Other writers/readers that are doing this project, and you can find some updates about, are:

Burgess Taylor – The Writer Burgess Taylor – Youtube Channel

Marna’s Blog – Author Marna Reed

Obs: If you know of more, please let me know in the comments so I can add them to the list 🙂


Finally, after a week of hiatus, another update. Woohoo!

I’m still sick with a cold but I’m doing better, luckily. I also got the results of my blood tests and it seems like everything it’s right. I just need to take it to my doctor this Friday and see what he has to say…

Enough of that, let’s get into the actual update. That’s what we are here for, right?

Day 18 ~ Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?

I’d love to be a writer, but I just don’t have the discipline ~ Julia Cameron

I have felt this way a lot of times, and still feel like that now when I’m working on a project. So much so that I end up not finishing it because the fear of making it “badly” it’s too big, and the fact that I don’t write every single day, makes me feel bad.

There is an anarchistic two-years-old inside most of us, and that child likes to have its says ~ Julia Cameron

She couldn’t have said it better, in my opinion.

Trying to make a two-years-old to follow a set of rules it’s crazy, at the least it’s the most complicated thing, specially if said child doesn’t have a base at home with discipline. The same with writing. If you don’t have the discipline, it doesn’t matter. Just do it.

Do it in the car. Do it in the kitchen. Do it in the sofa. Do it in the bed. Do it in the backyard. Do it in the bathtub. Do it in the jacuzzi. Do it on a plane. Do it wherever you want to do it, just do it.

It sounds naughty, right? hihihihihi

Day 19 ~ Connection

Each day, each life, is a series of choices ~ Julia Cameron

That quote up there just resonate with me so deeply that I needed to share it with the rest of you.

We chose to write or not to write. We chose to speak or not to speak. We chose to do or not do. It’s always our choise, nobody elses, because it’s our life, nobody elses.

My dad, more than once, told me: Nobody can know wat you’re thinking about if you don’t say it out loud. That means that only you can make a difference in your life, putting your thought into actions.

This day exercise made me teared up. Why? Because it put me in contact with a younger me. A me that had hopes and dreams, that thought nobody that got in her way would be able to deter her from her goal. My younger me was determined to be a writer, to have her own life, to live by her own rules… This things I didn’t forgot over the years, I just put them in the “not possible anymore” category. Now I know that I was wrong in do it so.

Day 20 ~ Being An Open Channel

Let something, or somebody, or writing itself write through you ~ Julia Cameron

This can’t be more true even if Julia had tried to make it so. Let me tell you a real story that happen to me and it’s related to this day’s topic.

I started writing a new novel and I was doing good, but in the middle of it I notice my female MC (main character) was acting different, not like herself. I try to make her be like I knew she was but she stick to the bossy side that was so not like her. And then it hit me… It wasn’t her I was writing, it was Adriane, a character from a series that it’s taking me a painfully long time to write.

You’ll see, Ariadne it’s a mother hen and she has a temper like no other. She was trying to get my attention, to go back to one of her children stories and, I just followed her to it when I got the message loud and clear. The result was that after putting down the info she wanted me to write down, I was able to go back to the previous stories and my female lead was back to her sweet self. The writing went smoothly after that.

You may hear that authors say that their characters talk to them, that they are just the camera man or woman in their characters stories. It is true. And when you get a character in your way, you better listen to them, you never know what they can lead you to 🙂

Day 21 ~ Integrating

I believe that in this case we are talking about using writing as a tool to see the reality. Often times I read about writers and readers living in their heads because they live immerse in a world that’s not real. I believe that world is as real as we are.

Also I think that in this case, our wish and wants need to meet our reality at some point. We can’t only wish and not do something to get that wish, right?

Day 22 ~ Credibility

What Julia calles a Credibility attack, most of you may know as our Inner Critic talking trash at us, to makes us feel like we don’t have what it takes to be a writer.

We don’t have a language degree; we don’t know the proper grammar rules; we are not published authors; we don’t write as well as such and such; we are just fooling ourself if we think we have something new to say that hasn’t been said before; and so on.

It’s necessary that we ignore this and other words that are whispered in our ears. We can be whatever we want, and if we write, we are writers. The money, the publishing, all those things may or may not come with time, but if we wrote today, we are writes.

All writers suffer credibility attacks; learning to ignore them is part of surviving as a writer. ~ Julia Cameron

Day 23 ~ Place

Julia talks about the various places she’s been writing during her life. How each place changed as she move from here to there. She also talks about using details to place the reader in a particular story, and believe if we let ourself look at books that we have read, that this is particularly true.

When I read western romance novels or historical ones, it’s in the details of the surroundings that I can actually picture the location in my head. Not only the location but also the culture that the story was written about.

Sometimes we think that the details about a room, or a place are just there to fill the page, more so when it’s a long detailed description. I believe it’s not like that because I can see it in my readings, in my understanding.

Lately I’ve been in love with M.K. Eidem series The Tornians. The way she describe the worlds, the politics, the views of Tornians, the houses, the training grounds… It amazes me. The only thing I still can’t seem to grasp are the female clothing styles. Why? Because she describe them as gowns, and when she say gowns I think of big dresses from previous eras, and I’m not sure if that’s the way she want the reader to see them.

The point of today was to understand tha it’s not just a filler to describe our surroundings and that we can use those surroundings to write about places we don’t particularly know much details about. The way Julia did in that hotel room so many years ago.