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First I wanted to say that I’m sorry last week I didn’t post a blog on Friday, like a should have. The truth is that I was too sick with a cold that I couldn’t even think, let alone sit and write a coherent blog post for you. So, against my wishes, I had to leave you without, because I was not going to give you something that probably wouldn’t have make sence at all.

Second, I also wanted to apologise because of the absent update on The Right to Write Project this Wednesday. Since I was so sick last week, and just now I’m getting better, I’m really behind in my reading and the exercises for the Project. I will try to catch up for next week and let you know how that goes.

Now into the actual blog post.

I have been reading like a mad woman *smiles when she realize what she is saying* What’s new with that, right?

I’ve found some great books in the Alien Romance side of things and I’ve been stuffing my face with everything I can get my hands on. You have already seen my review on Grim by M.K. Eiden, the book that started all my craziness with aliens. If you haven seen the post… well, what are you waiting for? *taps her foot on the floor* It should be the post before this one, but to make it easier I will leave you a link – Here

After I finished the Tornian series by M.K. Eiden, wich I did by Monday night, I started with another alien series by Michelle Howard. This author I got to know about because M.K. Eiden had a section on her website called “Author’s Friends” or something like that. Went there and got hooked with A World Beyond by Michelle Howard, wich was a pretty small series of 4 books so far, very quick to read and I L-O-V-E-D the idea behind it and the characters. Maybe I will make this next #BRMondays about one of those books.

Then I went to read 2 book of a SEAL series by Dale Mayer, so far the series has 5 books published. The ones I’ve read are Mason and Hawk, and even when I was very fond of the stories and very amazed by the female characters, I’ve decided to read something else before I tackle Dane’s story.

I also decided to start reading, in a really slow motion, The Shadows by J.R. Ward, that it’s the Black Dagger Brotherhood of last year. I’ve bought it but never read it. I got all the spoilers, chapter by chapter so I thought I didn’t have to read it. What a stupid thing to think, because for what I’ve read on the transcript of J.R. Ward conferences, there was a heck of a lot happening that I need to know before reading The Beast, that it’s the last book, so far, on this series.

And today I went a little *shows a lot with her index and tumb* crazy and got a lot of Kit Morgan’s stories, 2 complete series about mail-order brides to be exact. Then I went a little crazy again with Tielle St. Clare’s stories, since a friend of mine recommended her so strongly to me.

The cherry of my Friday was Olivia Black’s latest book: Planet Glecerus. That author it’s one of my favorites in the homoerotic genre and I have ALL her books. *blush a little* Even my friends know that when I say that author’s name is because they won’t see me until I finish devouring her latest story, wich I’m going to do tonight.

So as you can see. I don’t read a lot, right? *smiles sheepishly*

Lastly, I also have been studying for my university finals that will be in July. I have to finish this career *roll her eyes at herself* Have I not said that in years past? I did, but this year it’s kind of my last chance and I really have to push myself to accomplish what needs to be done.

*when she is about to leave, remembers something* Oh, I also been taking pictures of my planners and plan on making some blog post to show you how I organize things. I do it mostly on a personal size Filofax for the blog and books, an A5 Filofax for my writing and books on writing, and a regular size traveler’s notebook for everyday stuff.

And since we are talking about writing books. Do you want me to share some of my writing with you all? I’m a little hesitant to do so but I’m sure I can manage to share some things without revealing huge plots. Let me know 🙂

Also if you have books and authors that you want to recommend to me, please let them in the comment below so I can get my hands on those too 😛