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The Right to Write Project comes from the book with the same name by Julia Cameron.


Here you have a few links to websites where you can get this book if you’re interested.

Amazon.com ~ Amazon.co.uk ~ BookDepositoryiTunes ~ Barnes & Noble

Other writers/readers that are doing this project, and you can find some updates about, are:

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Obs: If you know of more, please let me know in the comments so I can add them to the list 🙂


Another week, another update, right guys?

Well, this week I have to say I’ve been surprise a lot. It shouldn’t be a surprise at all considering how this book has been showing me stuff from the beginning that I resonate with, but… Yeah.

Honesty before anything else here. I’m two days behind with my exercises.

Why? Well, I could give you a lot of excuses but the truth is that I didn’t feel like doing the exercises so I didn’t.

Why I didn’t feel like it? That, my friends is because I was so full with emotions that I just went and write a few ideas that were bugging me, story ideas, and got sucked into that. From that two new stories were born, a third one is on it’s making and a fanfiction was brought to life again. Pretty productive, if I say so myself.

Day 12 ~ Specificity

This word gave me a little spin when I first read the chapter’s name.

Writing is making choices, and the choice we make can be generic, which will cost us our reader’s faith, or specific, which will gain our reader’s trust. Detail allows us to communicate precisely what we mean ~ Julia Cameron

It made sense to me. Write with a subject in mind. Write like you were writing this story for somebody, not just jotting it down.

Some will say that you should write it for yourself, and it’s totally fine, but it feel better if you chose someone specifically to write to. Like a letter to a long-lost lover or a dead relative you miss so much. It has more emotion pack in the writing if you chose a someone to write to.

Day 13 ~ Body of Experience

The power of the word is real whether or not you are conscious of it… Behind every word flows energy ~ Sonia Choquette

The quote was written by Julia in this chapter and I find that it’s very witchy and fitting at the same time. What I mean is that we like it or not, we write from the heart and those words are the best that we can write, why? Because they have meaning. Writing doesn’t come from the brain, it comes, mostly, from the heart, from our emotions.

Day 14 ~ The Well

In essence, what Julia said in this chapter was that we can’t just write and write and write. We need to stop, look at our life, live our life, enjoy our surroundings. In other words, breathe! Why? Because we will dry up and the writing will be blocked. You can’t just work every day, right? You need to rest and watch TV, read a book, relax. The same with writing.

When I used to walk around the park that is a block from my parents house, where I live, I used to love it. Usually I picked the twilight time of day to walk there because I love watching the sunset while walking. It used to feel me with a sense of peace so great. Now it’s winter and I don’t go to walk but I still remember.

I notice that when I listen to a particular song or read a particular kind of book, I feel energized. That’s the reason why when I need to smile and feel happy, I read a particular genre. It has the sweet romance part and the sexy part, all in one and the added part of being different makes me smile everytime.

Day 15 ~ Sketching

As new writers, most of us, myself included, think that we need to know everything before we start with the “actual” writing part of our project. We must outline. We must do a ton of research. We’ve to know our characters inside and out.

It’s a way to make us stall the writing. It’s an excuse. Probably there is someone out there that can write like that. For me, it’s hard. I try to outline and the only thing that comes out of it, want to know what it is? I don’t actually write the story.

Writing is a personal process. We can pick up tips and hints from each other, but at its base, writing is a solitary act ~ Julia Cameron

This next bold statement was a very needed one for me. I’m working on making it into a kind of banner in my writing desk so I can see it every time I sit down to write and I get bit by the self-doubt but or other one of those that keep my from the page.

I am willing to write badly. I am willing to do the work to finish this project whether it is any good or not.

Day 16 ~ Loneliness

So many people say that to be a writer you must be a loner. That’s not true.

Were is a writer to get ideas for characters, stories or dialogue if not from other people?

A writer is more likely to crave social encounters with friends and family. The joy of going on a walk down the park and say “Hi” to people they know from the neighborhood. Window shopping or even really shopping for some little thing to strike conversation with the sales lady.

I know that when I’m not writing, I miss my friends and acquaintances. So I’ll go to the Facebook Chat, or Whatsapp, or Telegram, and send a quick message to see who is out there willing to talk. Most of my friends are from other countries so we send voice messages instead of calling because of the cost but it’s so much fun.

Not writing is the lonely thing. Not writing creates self-obsession. Self-obsession blocks connection with others. Self-obsession blocks connection with the self. ~ Julia Cameron

Day 17 ~ Witness

I’ve learned a new word today: Kablooey. It’s an informal way of saying destroyed or ruined.

We need someone to talk to, right? Someone who understand when we are happy or sad, or any other emotions that we may feel. That’s why we reach to friends and family in those times, so they can see our success or help us of needed.

Sometimes we hide because we don’t want to worry others, but we need someone to talk to. What better thing that to find a listening ear or a friendly hand that in our own writing? You can say anything, curse a storm if you want, vent everything and nobody will judge you on the page. You may find that you learn more about yourself doing so, that waiting to talk to a friend and have to filter your words.

Writing, is witnessing ourselves ~ Julia Cameron