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Well, my dear readers, we meet again on a Wednesday evening to give you all an update on how “The Right To Write Project” it’s going.

This past week has not been one of my favorites of May. To tell you the truth, I was feeling lazy and also I was confused because I was having a big problem with my reading. I love to read and so, if I can’t read my fair share, I get antsy and sigh all the time and I just don’t know what to do.

I should be reading The Right to Write or Take of your pants, which is a book about writing that I will be reviewing someday… when I manage to finish the damn thing, even thou it’s a great tool for my writing journey. It’s kind of hard to focus when I have so many romance novels to read *wink*

We have some renovations done in the house and this week was the one my parents, mostly my mom, decided we where going to clean all the shit that was in storage for the renovation period and put it back in its place. Got some idea of how much reading I did?


It’s another week and another time that I’ve spent reading this chapters. I can’t express how much I love Julia Cameron’s book, The Right to Write.

She can point out stuff that I’ve struggle with since I started writing and made me remember other things that I thought I’ve forgotten for good. My reasons to have the block’s that I have in writing and how much I put myself in my own path, not letting me get going or move along.

There were some exercises I didn’t do. Like I always say to you guys, I’m not going to lie. What’s the point anyway in lying? The exercises I didn’t do where because I really wasn’t thinking of different ways to do them. Now I have some new ideas 🙂

Something that I’ve notice while reading this book is that, every time I finish a chapter I end up with a gnawing feeling that I need to get myself into my own writing. The stories that I have in my head and in parts on a word document called to me, with more strength, when I’m done with my reading for the day.

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