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Hello, hello. Happy Wednesday everybody. How are you this fine day?

In Paraguay it’s 19:16 p.m. when I’m finally editing this post and we have been having a weird autumn so far, it’s going to be a good night with nice weather.

We are not here for that information though. We are here to talk about The Right to Write, by Julia Cameron. So let’s get started.


This book blows my mind every day that I read thru its pages. Why? Because the things Julia say and express in those pages are so… How can I explain this to you guys? It’s like she was writing some chapters for me.

Day 1 ~ Begin

The first exercise took me a day. I’m always honest with you all, so I’m not going to start lying now. I read the chapter, saw the exercise and went to bed after thinking if I should do it then or the day after. Obviously, I did it the day after, but why? Why not doing it after I’ve read the chapter? I tell you why: I was scared.

I was scared of my own feelings because as soon as I finish that chapter I knew what I was going to be writing down in those pages. I knew I was disappointed, I was upset. I knew I was having trouble accepting some things about my wants for a future. I was worried about university. I had so many negative things and stress over me that I didn’t wanted to face them by writing down those pages.

The next day was not a walk in the park either. I have a disagreement with my father that reminded me of how I much resemble his dead sister, my beloved godmother, and brought other self-conscious things up that I didn’t want to deal with. I end up dealing with the most light stuff at night when I finally wrote the task for Day 1, on Day 2.

Day 2 ~ Let Yourself Write

This day there were some questions that were brought up in the chapter that made me think.

What if there were no such things as a writer? Do I write with and agenda? What do I think a real writer is? What it’s the real difference between a Real Writer and me? Why do I froze most of the time when I’m trying to put and idea down onto the page when I talked it out like I was a character while I was in my room?

Those and more were all over my head when I finish reading the chapter and got my panties into a twist because I really didn’t know how to answer them. Then I realize I didn’t need to, not really. I just have to let the thing be and just stop thinking of what society believes a writer should be and my own hold ups regarding my writing, and write.

Day 3 ~Let Yourself Listen

This was something I already read before in some other books but it was a good reminder and a fresh way to read about it in The Right to Write.

Often time I want my stories to go this way *points to the left* and they go that way *points to the right* So as you can imagine, they do what they want and I get frustrated just because I’m a five-year old sometimes that want to get things done her way.

Most of us are really willing only to write well, and this is why the act of writing strains us – Julia Cameron

Does it sound familiar? For me it’s just nailing it with a huge hammer. This is one of my problems when I’m working on a story. I fell like I’m not doing it right, that I need to straighten up the story, that I need to outline more or to outline to begin with, etc.

I should just let go and write. Nobody is saying it’s going to be easy but I guess only trying I would be able to tell.

Day 4 ~ The Time Lie

We always here that person that makes that comment: I wish I could write a book but I don’t have time. I was the person that said that I didn’t have time and the talent to do so.

“I get these ideas but I don’t know exactly where they’re going, ” he protested.

“So chase one and see where it leads.”

“Chase one! What if it’s a dead-end? I don’t have time for dead ends!”

“There are no dead ends, not really”

Another one of the reasons why I have so many unfinished drafts is because I’m afraid I can hit a “dead-end”, and it has happened to me before. No matter that it was years ago and that I found a way around it after a year of sitting on the story.

Making writing a big deal tends to make writing difficult

Says Julia in this book and it’s true. All the I can’t and I don’t have time and I’m not talented enough or I can’t write a book to save my life, are all us getting in the way, most of the time, of our own success.

The more I read this chapters, the more I realize things in my own writing life right now that needs improvement and some change for sure. I also need to stop putting my writing second and close my eyes when I write, because it’s for me first, to everyone else second.

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