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It’s May 1st, it’s a Sunday and I’m bringing you a blog post. Odd, right? Not so much.

I’m been a follower of Burgess Taylor on Youtube practically since she started her channel, and don’t ask me how long that was because I honestly don’t remember. I know it’s been more than a year, that all I can say, and shame for not knowing that detail but what can I say? My memory it’s flawed.

The point being that she just finished The Artist Way by Julia Cameron this last week of April and was asking to us, viewers, what book she should work on next: Finding Water or The Right to Write; both books by Julia Cameron.

When I heard the name ·The Right to Write· on her video, I thought to myself “That sounds like something I would enjoy reading and following up on, after all, it can only improve my writing and sounds interesting.” or to be more blunt and honest “That sounds cool. I want to read that.”

So I vote to do The Right to Write reading and working on it. The good thing was that it was the book chosen at the end so… YAY!

Little disclaimer here: I have no clue about this book. I have not read more than the synopsis that I will put for you guys here, from Goodreads. Nor do I have read any of Julia Cameron books before. So if you don’t have a clue and are new to this, we are on the same page here.


Synopsis from Goodreads

What if everything we have been taught about learning to write was wrong?

In The Right to Write, Julia Cameron’s most revolutionary book, the author of the bestselling self-help guide The Artist’s Way, asserts that conventional writing wisdom would have you believe in a false doctrine that stifles creativity.

With the techniques and anecdotes in The Right to Write, readers learn to make writing a natural, intensely personal part of life. Cameron’s instruction and examples include the details of the writing processes she uses to create her own bestselling books.

She makes writing a playful and realistic as well as a reflective event. Anyone jumping into the writing life for the first time and those already living it will discover the art of writing is never the same after reading The Right to Write.

· – – – ·

With those words, I’m sold. I mean, I want to read this book so much more now than before. I’m not so new to the writing life but I’m not so experienced either, so this book sounds perfect for me at the moment.

How are we going to do this?

The main idea was to read a chapter a day, doing any exercise that it’s on that chapter and post weekly updates on the respective social media of our choosing.

I will be reading, like B.Taylor, Monday to Friday, one chapter and on Wednesdays I will be posting an update here on the blog, with the hashtag #TheRightToWriteWednesdays on all my social media so those that are following will be able to find any updates easily.

This book has *look at her Kindle, because yes, there is a Kindle version* I can see 43 chapters so this will take us, starting Monday May 2nd with Chapter 1, and reading 3 chapters a week… *looks at her calendar* until June 29th, wich happens to be a Wednesday *smiles*

So, if you want to read along with us, please grab a copy of the book in any format that you want and be welcome to join us. No matter the time, you can always jump in.

This is all for today.

I will be seing you on Wednesday with the first update.