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I don’t have to wonder if you ever found yourself staring at your bookshelf at home, or at your kindle library on your devices. I know you have done it. Don’t try to deny it, because your nose will start to grow just like Pinocchio.

You just finished reading another book. One less on your TBR (to-be-read) pile, no matter if it was a good book, an ok book or a bad book. The point is that you finished it.

Now what?

The fact that we can loose ourselves looking at our list of books to read it’s just that, a fact. There are so many that we bought in the hopes of losing the grasp on reality by diving inside it. But as we stare at our bast library, we realized that we have too many of those kind of books and we don’t know how to pick the next one.

I can almost hear some of you. “Elizabeth, I’m reading a series. I already know what I’m going to read next.” And I’m feeling a little sorry for you, because at some point the series will end and you will find yourself, mark my words, staring at your bookshelf.

How do we pick the next book to read?

Well, there are some options… Rational or irrational, it doesn’t matter.

10 Ways to Pick What To Read Next

  1. Close your eyes and point to a book on your bookshelf or at your computer screen. Open your eyes and the book that you are pointing at, it’s the next book you’ll read.
  2. Think of your mood today. Do you want romance? A good thriller? A mystery? In essence, go with what you are feeling right now.
  3. Go in alphabetic order, taking the name of the authors for this.
  4. Pick the first book or the last book on your bookshelf at the moment.
  5. What color is attracting your attention today? Choose the book with the brightest or darkest book cover.
  6. Ask a friend what book do he/she recommend you read next.
  7. Look what the booktubers are reading that you already have on your shelves.
  8. Give a DNF (do-not-finished) book another try.
  9. Sleep it off. I’m sure when you wake up you will know what book to read next. If you don’t use some other option from this list.
  10. Lastly. Don’t be afraid or re-read a book that you’ve loved before.

Personally, I go with #2 most of the time because I don’t like to force myself to read anything that I’m just not in the mood to. That’s the reason why I take my time to do the book reviews and I make sure that the author that send me her/his book knows that. If there is a hurry up because of a upcomming release… I usually read faster *laugh*

If I’m really at a lost, I go with #10 of the list.

My wild card, something that I didn’t put on the list because I don’t know if you will like it is… reading an MM book.

For those that don’t know, MM means gay story. I normally pick homoerotic novels when I’m between books. I find them short, most of the time, and sweet enough that I end up smiling when I’m done.

What technique do you use to pick your next read?

Do you use some of the TOP 10 above?

If you have any more sugestions to add to that list, please feel free to leave them in the comments below 🙂