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Who Told You that your writing/drawing/painting/etc it’s Not Good Enough?

In my particular case, it was both my parents when I was around 16 years old.

By that age I already wrote fanfiction about the BackStreetBoys being trapped in a mansion with gorgeous women that were vampires and wanted them as their mates. *nods slowly* Yes, I totally got that idea from the Everybody (Monsters) video that they made.

The point is that my dad found my Word Document with the story. At that time we only had one computer at home, so everybody use it and store their things in it.

He wasn’t exactly happy to see that I’ve written a full story, at that age, about vampires and… well… let’s just say that my passion for the erotica genre was already in my blood by that time *laughs softly* He and my mother, were not happy at all.

I wrote another fanfiction after that one, but I didn’t finish the second one. What I can tell you is that I was much more carefull with my documents, and with good reason. That second manuscript had even more erotic scenes and I didn’t want to know what my parents would have done if they saw it.

I don’t know what happen with those manuscripts. I do know, however, what happen to me after my parents sit down with me and gave me a talk about the fact that “good little girls” my age didn’t write that kind of stuff. How bad it was that I did write in such a graphic way about sex and, that I had ideas about vampires being real.

The point of this little trip down to memory lane is: that was the moment when I stopped writing because someone said I wasn’t suppose to do it that way. Later, maybe two years down the route, my parents told me that as a Writer I would starved to death in my country; that I was never going to make it; that I needed a real career, a real job.

It took me years to go back to writing. The next memory of a fanfiction being on the making was in 2009 and that story was not finished. I started it with a classmate that loved Twilight at the time. It was about what would happen if we meet the Cullen family in real life. Like I said, it didn’t last long and we didn’t finish it.

With a little more time and experience, I realized that my parents were wrong. I understand that they wanted to make their morals known and stuff, but they were in essence, wrong.

I could have those thought and ideas. In fact, I did have them. I wrote about them, didn’t I?

It wasn’t something bad, as long as I didn’t act on some of the ideas for erotic scenes. I was only 16 years old and I didn’t have a real clue about life and relationships. That didn’t mean I couldn’t let my imagination take me away to places unknown.

Also, I’m a writer. I may not have a book published yet, but I’m a writer. I love to write. I create story ideas and develop them in my head every single day. I just have to be able to focus on ONE story at a time, to be able to finish them all.

So… I guess my point is… If someone said to you that your craft or what you wanted to do in life, with all your might, was not good enough or that you wouldn’t make it. You have it in you to show them, but most importantly, to show yourself, that you can make it.

Nobody it's going to stop you if you don't let them.

If they put themselves in your way, you just have to side step them, or move them, and keep going until you reach your destination.

cnw-participantNow, for my Camp Nanowrimo Update of the week…

This was one of those weeks in which my brain was not in the writing process. It was more on this blog and my university studies.

I did write, but it was not near as much as I wanted to and most of the time, it was writing down scenes of shiny new ideas. That was the only way the voices in my head stopped.

The manuscript I’d pick (finally) for this April it’s getting a little better, but I still believe I need to learn more about outlining. I feel like I go for the branches instead of climbing the tree in the best way possible.

The good thing about this week it’s that I did some writing. Also it was good because I picked up a story I left a year ago. It helps me to write more when I start with a story that doesn’t put so much pressure on me, then I jump to the main draft and I’m already in the writing mood *smiles*

One bad thing about this week is that I may end up without a laptop. That means that I will have to write on the PC or my tablet, which it’s not so comfortable but it’s doable. *shrugs*