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Before we start with the New set of Goals for this next Quarter of 2016 that started in April, we need to make a review of the goals of the last Quarter to see how I did… I warn you that I don’t want to look at this list because I already know the answer but I will look at it again for you all… *sigh deeply* I did grade my efforts in each one so you can see that I didn’t totally made a mess of this, but I was close.

As you can see. I have more F’s in that list that the ones I got in my whole life at school and such. I do have to say that it wasn’t impossible to do all those things that I wanted to do. I just didn’t approach it in the best way. This quarter I plan on making things a little bit different.

I plan on making this quarter one of the best of the year. I have to make sure I accomplish my goals so I can really get close to my dreams from the past, present and future.

April – May – June


  • Get off the Coca-Cola addiction.
  • Get a full check up with the doctors.
  • Excercise 5 times a week (no excuses!).
  • Drink more water than Coca-Cola.
  • Lose another 3 kilograms.


  • Learn about HTML.
  • Learn about CCS.
  • Learn more about Photoshop.
  • Study with concentration for finals.


  • Read 3 books about writing.
  • Write 2 blog post a week (1 book review, 1 something else).
  • Write one full draft (a full story, doesn’t matter the length).
  • Take a class about novel structure.
  • Take a class about outlining.


  • Meditate at least once a week.
  • Read 3 books about any spiritual subject you are drawn too.
  • Keep a dream journal (try it, again).
  • Cleanse your space at least once a month.


  • Make sure you have some ME time every week.
  • Spend a little bit of time outside (day or night).
  • Keep your room clutter free no matter what.
  • Keep a journal (daily if possible).

I know what you are probably thinking: This list is longer than the last one!

Yes, its longer but it has a few goals that I have already broken down into small things that I could do to make it possible to achieve all of them this quarter. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, because in all honesty I don’t want to go see my Doctor *has the chills for a second* I know he will chew my ear out because I haven’t been in his office in more than a year.

I have more time this quarter to be able to focus on my goals and make the most of this three months ahead. I will do my best to make it better on the other side, because I’m tire and I want to be able to grasp that dream I had when I was just a teenager, almost 16 years ago… I want to do it, for me and being honest, to show my family that I made it.

I promise you all an update and here I am.

Plot bunnies are a burden that I really don’t like when it comes to NaNoWriMo or any moment in time that I’ve decided to start writing a novel. Those little suckers just come out of nowhere and blindsided me to the ground.

I spend most of the week fighting with them and writing them down so they would leave me alone. It didn’t work.

Finally I told them to go F themselves and I pick a story, that maybe it could be considered a fanfiction, that I have been wanting to write and after the last of Olivia Black books, I have all that I need for it. It’s set up in New Orleans and has some of Olivia Black characters in it. That’s why I think it’s more fanfiction than anything else.

The main characters are not Olivia’s, they are mine, but I said that they are friends or acquaintances with Jayden or Jack, so… yeah… The Silver Bullet it’s definitively part of that story. I don’t know if after I’m done I will change the names and modify the book so it doesn’t look like a fanfiction of sorts or I will put it on Wattpad just like that under the fanfiction umbrella.

What do you think? I would love some opinions on this.

If you are waiting for a word-count. I have a little over 1,567 words just from the loose brain dump of the idea and a little chapter. Not so good considering that we are 8 days into April, but I’m sure I will be able to reach my goal for Camp-Nanowrimo of 30,000 words.