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Here we are again… April arrived today and with it the first day of Camp Nanowrimo.

Are you exited? Are you ready to spend 30 days around other like-minded people writing that story that you have in your head for only the Gods knows how long? Are you a rebel and for that you are going to edit your novel instead of writing it?

Whatever you are up to in the writing/editing/publishing front, I hope you are ready because April Camp it’s going to be great. Which means that “all your dreams will come true”. Nah, but it could happen if you wish hard enough *wink*

For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, here comes the little explanation part *clears her throat*

Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Months and it takes place during November, every year. In April and July we have the more tone down versions of this event: Camp Nanowrimo.

When during November you have a set stone goal of 50,000 words in 30 days, during the Camps you can pick your own word goal for the 30 day writing challenges. Which it’s pretty awesome if you ask me… You didn’t? Oh, ok then, moving on.

You  can go into this events with just a story idea or you can go with a full blown-out-of-proportions outline or structure to follow so you won’t get lost in the sea of words that are going to come at you during April.

How I’m starting this year Camp?

With a planner of course.

For this particular writing challenge/task, I have enlisted my trusty Fusion A5 Filofax.

It’s been a while since I’m using this bad boy for this and that and the other but it’s time to use it for something that matters. I try using a Traveler’s Notebook for a writing planner/journal, and for a while it worked, but then it didn’t. Let’s hope this sticks for longer and helps me more than the other one did.


A cute word tracker that I drew a few hours ago in a piece of grid paper and stuck it inside my Fusion Filofax planner. Since I’m not working for the moment, only staying at home and studying all day long, this bad boy it’s within my reach most of the time.

The idea of tracking your word-count it’s great because it helps you know how far there is to go to reach you word goal of the months. Besides… It’s fun to color those little squares.

Each of those little squares are worth 250 words of my first rough draft. Cool! Right?

For obvious “national security” reasons *smiles* I can’t show you a full-page of the Story Idea that I will be working on this April, but I can show you this blank one so you can have an idea of how I treat this.

I just literally write down the story idea on a page as rough as it comes out of my brain. I don’t have names for the characters usually when I’m doing this but I can come up with a pretty good basic plot for the novel. In the case of the one I’m using for Camp Nano, it was an idea that came after some thinking about a situation that a friend of mine it’s living in another country. I was going to write something completely different until she told me a few thinks and my brain started to process possible scenarios and yeah… I pick one and I will try to stick with it until the end… because I know myself.

And how can you plan a novel or write one without pens, pencils, erasers, white-outs and color stuff…

Because, who doesn’t love coloring stuff??

I didn’t include my highlighters here because I forgot to pull them out for the picture, but you can all get the picture. You need the colors to make details pop-up on the writing that you do in paper. It helps, trust me on that one…


Lastly, for the actual writing part, you will need some form of writing device: notebook, computer, laptop, tablet, phone… Any will work just fine for this as long as you use it for writing your story or doing what you have to do with your story, for those who already have a story written… Lucky you!

If you are typing your novel like I’m doing, on a computer, you must need a flash drive or a method to save your document every time. You don’t want to lose all of those words that you have written, do you?? DO-NOT forget about a flash drive or saving method.

You could also write directly on apps like Evernote, Google Docs or JotterPad. This Apps, and others, are free and very easy to use. You can even use them offline and then sync them when you get access to the internet. This way you don’t lose your words and you can still write if you are without internet. Pretty good!

Now that the writing part it’s done with. We need energy and what better than…

Tea it’s also a good way of getting your creativity flowing if you don’t like the stronger taste of the coffee or you can’t drink it for some reason. The Gods know there are so many reasons why people can’t eat or drink certain foods or beverages…


And we just landed on my favorite drug of choise when I don’t have coffee at hand. Sodas!

I have a little tiny coca-cola addiction. Nothing major. Nothing to worry about. I don’t drink 3 liters a day or something but, let’s just say that if I don’t have my fill of coke a day I can get pretty nasty… more than usual. And I got headaches for sure if I stop… I know I have to stop because of health issues but…

And that it’s all I need for this Camp NaNoWriMo season.

For life reasons, please don’t forget to eat your meals, get a bath or shower once in a while, don’t forget you live with other human beings (if you do, if you don’t… Lucky you!), and also sleep. I know it’s over rated, that last one, but trust me, it’s important for your overall health and for the healthiness of your novel. You don’t want to end the Camp with a bunch of nonsense because you were not taking your sleep time seriously and end up writing 20,000 times “ahmmm” over and over again, right?

OK. That’s enough from me. It’s Friday April 1st. Now that you know what to do and what to take with you, gather your stuff and go write some words!

On a side note...

I will be updating you guys about my writing every Friday. And don’t worry, that I’m doing this crazy thing doesn’t mean I won’t give you Book Reviews anymore, those will be up on Monday mornings from this week forward. Also I have some new blog post ideas for you all that I’m organizing and will be coming very soon.