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Well, Hello there!

As you may already know, if you read last week post. I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year and I want to tackle a two questions before anything else.

1) What is NaNoWriMo?

National Novel Writing Month.

A crazy and spectacular idea: write a 50,000 word book/novel/manuscript/first draft in a month.

2) 50,000 words? In a month? Are you insane?

Yes. Aren’t we all?

Ok, now that we put those super important question out of our way… What am I doing?! I’m freaking out while I write this blog post, at least on the inside, why? Because I got not better idea that watch a Youtube Video last night (How to Plan a Novel by M.Kirin), just before midnight. What happen? Well, lets just say I end up with 3 new ideas (plot bunnies) and not a freaking clue about what to start writing today.

So my best idea today was to read ALL my story ideas to see if something catches my interest. Mind you that I had already picked one idea for this NaNoWriMo but after last night video I was just feeling “Blah” about it, so I put it aside.

I had no freaking clue that my plot bunnies where so many!!!!!

But I finally pick one story above the others that has a little bit of most of the things that excited me to begin with and… if I need some incentive I just need to turn to my Facebook chat room and I will find just the person to give it to me *grins big time*

The temporary name of the story its Black Rose. It’s about a love relationship that was always one-sided, because she always knew that he was not the one for her, no matter how much she wished or prayed for it silently every night for years.

I know my characters but I have not given them names yet because… it’s an idea that I developed a few months ago and never got around to put names but I do know the personalities and how the plot line goes. What I don’t know it’s the ending *thinks a little bit about that* That’s gonna be interesting!

On a side note, you want to check my progress on this crazy challenge? I have a little tracking widget on the left side of the blog. It looks like a tiny calendar and every Green square means I accomplished the word-count of the day (1,667 words according to the NaNo website). I have to let you know though, my own word-count for each day will be 2,000 words, why? Because I feel like it and because I think I can do it *grins*

So, my darlings. Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? Are you writing something just for the fun of it? Are you working on a project since before November that you want to talk about? I’m all ears! *re-read that* Actually, eyes… because I would be reading and aswering the comments LOL