Hi Everybody… Long time no see each other but here I am again and in this occasion I have a new kind of blog post that I want to keep doing for the rest of the year if you don’t run screaming after I’m done with it… *thinks about what she just said* Nah… I think even if you do run screaming I will still make this every month…

You probably don’t know this but I enjoy reading a lot… and I mean A LOT… If I had the chance I would spend my days reading books after book after book just to not stay with my feet in this reality because I love the reality of books so… What surprise me this past June was the fact that I actually kept a list that kept growing with each book I read every day and the final number stuns even me…

I’ve read 49 (forty-nine) and yes, your eyes are reading just fine *smiles and nod at the same time* I know… but it’s true and I even have registered in my planner in wich day of the month of June I’ve read each book, from the first to the last of the list. This I will keep doing thru the months ahead so I’m planning on showing my list each month to you guys.

Keep in mind that most of this books are short ones so there for they do not represent a problem to read easily and pretty fast if you want to say so. Also, keep in mind, again, that I read for fun, I do not look for gramma mistakes or anything at all like that, and that it’s the reason why I might probably change the way I do book reviews here.

None of this books was feature here with a review and you may (or not) wonder why I didn’t post one, if I have read the book and could have done a review. The reason why it’s because I didn’t feel call to it, because I worry too much if the review it’s done right or not. After the past few days I realise that this is my space so I will be sharing reviews of some of this books here and one story in particular that made me think a little.

Without much more rambling on my part… Here is the list…

Books I’ve Read In June

1    Kristen Ashley – Unfinished Heroes #1 – Knight
2    Kristen Ashley – Unfinished Heroes #2 – Creed
3    Leona Lee – Chekov Series #1 – Russian Billionaire’s Virgin Secretary
4    Leona Lee – Chekov Series #2 – Russian Billionaire’s Reclaimed Lover
5    Leona Lee – Chekov Series #3 – Russian Billionaire’s Fiancée
6    Leona Lee – Chekov Series #4 – Russian Billionaire’s Bride
7    Kristen Osbourne – Dallas Billionaires #1 – Steven
8    Kristen Osbourne – Dallas Billionaires #2 – Justin
9    Kristen Osbourne – Dallas Billionaires #3 – Cody
10    Kristen Osbourne – Suitors of Seattle #1 – Rose
11    Kristen Osbourne – Suitors of Seattle #2 – Lily
12    Kristen Osbourne – Suitors of Seattle #3 – Amaryllis
13    Kristen Osbourne – Suitors of Seattle #4 – Daisy
14    Kristen Osbourne – Suitors of Seattle #5 – Jasmine
15    Kristen Osbourne – Suitors of Seattle #6 – Hyacinth
16    Kristen Osbourne – Suitors of Seattle #7 – Violet
17    Kristen Osbourne – Suitors of Seattle #8 – Iris
18    Cora Seton – Heroes of Chance Creek #1 – The Navy SEAL’s email order bride
19    Cora Seton – Heroes of Chance Creek #2 – The Soldier’s email order bride
20    Cora Seton – Heroes of Chance Creek #2.5 – Christmas
21    Cora Seton – Heroes of Chance Creek #3 – The Marine’s email order bride
22    Cora Seton – Heroes of Chance Creek #4 – The Airman’s email order bride
23    Shadonna Richards – The Romero Brother’s #1 – The Billionaire’s Second-Chanced Bride
24    E.L. James – Grey (audiobook)
25    Stormy Glenn – Scent of Mates #1 – Cats Pride
26    Stormy Glenn – Scent of Mates #2 – A little bid of heaven
27    Stormy Glenn – Scent of Mates #3 – Heavenly Scent
28    Stormy Glenn – Scent of Mates #4 – Heart of a Mate
29    Stormy Glenn – Scent of Mates #5 – Taming a Beta’s Heart
30    Stormy Glenn – Scent of Mates #6 – Omega Born
31    Olivia Black – FPA #3 – Retribution
32    Amber Kell – Banded Brothers #1 – To have a human
33    Amber Kell – Banded Brothers #2 – To catch a croc
34    Amber Kell – Banded Brothers #3 – To enchant and eagle
35    Amber Kell – Banded Brothers #4 – To bite a bear
36    Amber Kell – Banded Brothers #5 – To kiss a killer
37    Margaret McHeyzer – Yes, Master
38    Kristen Ashley – Unfinished Heroes #3 – Raid
39    Kristen Osborne – Brides of Beckham #1 – Mail Order Mayhem
40    Kristen Osborne – Brides of Beckham #2 – Mail Order Mama
41    Kristen Osborne – Brides of Beckham #3 – Mail Order Madness
42    Kristen Osborne – Brides of Beckham #4 – Mail Order Mix Up
43    Kristen Osborne – Brides of Beckham #5 – Mail Order Mistake
44    Kristen Osborne – Brides of Beckham #6 – Mail Order Maternity
45    Kristen Osborne – Brides of Beckham #7 – Mail Order Match Maker
46    Kristen Osborne – Brides of Beckham #8 – Mail Order Motherhood
47    Kristen Osborne – Brides of Beckham #9 – Mail Order Matron
48    Kristen Osborne – Brides of Beckham #10 – Mail Order Meddler
49    Erosa Knowles – Reclamation #3 – That’s not my baby

Making this blog post I found that the Kristen Osborne series of Brides of Beckham it’s not complete with 10 books, it  have 15 books so I still have 5 to buy and read but that series is a historical one that I really enjoy reading so it’s not going to be a problem at all finish it, it will be really nice.

If you have a special request of a review on any of this books or another that you want me to read and review, just leave it in the comments and I will get to it. I know I own 3 authors book reviews for their books and I hope to make good at least to one or two if not the three this month of July.

Now I will go to study a little while and then to read more books… See you later 🙂