She walked alone through the desert city streets. The night has fallen over her many hours ago but the young woman has not stopped walking. She kept it paused, like she was in no rush to reach a destination… like she didn’t have a destination to grace her presence with. Slowly, people around her were less and less, since it was getting later in the evening, but she didn’t notice it. If she only had pay attention to the burning of time, as the tick tock took away what she didn’t want to lose but, at the same time, wanted to forget.

Raising her eyes to the sky she found the moon, giving her a bright beautiful scenery. Half cover by the clouds in the sky and when she was fully out, it was only half of her glorious face. She liked watching the moon no matter the phase, even when she was new and nowhere to be seen in the night, she looked for her face above.

A long sigh pass her lips. Tonight there wasn’t a smile because of the view, as it used to be, but that sigh was all and she kept on walking slow and with no direction until she reach a corner that she kind of recognise.

Her body took a break against a wall. The lights of the building shinning bright with blue and violet colors, showing the eccentricity of the owner that she knew. Ignoring the lights, ignoring the sky, ignoring everything around her, she closed her eyes for a moment, letting the feelings inside of her flow. A gasp scape her lips, but there it stayed because she closed them so nothing more could get out and with a sigh, a pair of crimson tears rolled down her cheeks… If someone had told her before that she would be crying blood… She would have mock of whoever dare to give her such an insane idea and she would kill that someone right on the spot…

She raised her hand and, with the back of it she dry that infamous tear that dare to slip through her lashes, defying all the laws that she knew, causing that everything she kept inside got even more strong and pushed to get out with more intensity than before, causing another gasp and this time she cover her mouth to stop it. She was not going to allow it, those emotions inside of her were not going to make her half a person, her nerves wouldn’t break, she had to stop it… She forced her body from the brick wall and start walking again… This time more determined than ever, with no destination still, but determined to not let out another crimson tear…

Author: Lady Elizabeth Valiente