That it’s a pretty good question. Don’t you think?

Who Are You?

Makes you think on a tons of ways that answers can be given to that question, but it will still be not definitive because people change, people develop every second of every minute of every hour of every day of their lives. So, how can someone answer this?

We could ask this question over and over with a different answer every time… but that it’s not why I am putting it in my first post, none the less… No, the reason why I choose this as the topic for the first post was for you (readers) to ge to know me a little bit before starting this journey with me… But I realized that you can’t know me just because I quote a few aspects of my personality or things that describe me as a person, of course it will help but, what point will it have to make a blog like this if I gave you the answers of me? It would be too easy to predict my movements and that probably will lead to boredom which I don’t want from you.

So no, I’m not going to describe myself in this blog post. I will leave that to you to discover, to get to know me with each and every post that I make, to every little piece of my life that I share with you… That will be so much more fun and exciting… Don’t you think?

I don’t even know how I’m going to finish this post, so the question “who Am I?” it’s far more complicated right this minute.

But, that I don’t answer the question, does not mean you should not go right ahead… Answer the question in the comments below in the best way you can… I do want to get to know you.